Dental Services

At Saratoga Dental we provide a wide range of dental services so we can treat our patients in a comprehensive and holistic way.

We offer the best of modern materials and science, creating a marriage of aesthetics and durable function. With your safety and health in mind, we do not use materials containing mercury, tin or beryllium.

We pride ourselves on combining the best in modern dental art and science with the friendly care you would expect in this wonderful community.

At Saratoga Dental, our team is constantly attending conferences, workshops, and classes to learn the latest techniques. Our doctors and staff are committed to educating patients about their options so you can make sound and informed decisions about your dental health. Our goal? To bring you high-quality dental care that takes your physical and emotional comfort into account.


Emergency Dental Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. We can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries, including teeth that have been chipped, moved, or knocked out entirely. Please call our office for assistance.