Oral Cancer Screening

Nearly 37,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Oral cancer takes about 1 life in America per hour. At Saratoga Dental, we take oral cancer very seriously.

At each regular visit to our office, you will receive an oral cancer screening.

We believe early diagnosis leads to more effective treatment of the disease, and better survival.

We use visual and tactile inspection of the mouth, throat, lips and associated lymph nodes of the head and neck to screen for suspicious lumps, bumps or lesions that may be oral cancer.

A special diagnostic instrument called a VelscopeĀ®, which uses a special wavelength of light that highlights areas that have changes in the tissue commonly seen in oral cancers, may be used to aid us in our screening, as well. If a suspicious area is identified, a small piece of the lesion, or biopsy, may be removed and sent to an oral pathologist for assessment and diagnosis.

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