Laser Dentistry

The use of a dental laser improves the comfort and quality of care we can provide to our patients. It allows for a better experience for the patient by preventing bleeding, improving healing speed, and decreasing post operative pain. We use a diode laser, instead of a scalpel, for many of the oral surgery procedures we perform.

The dental laser is also used for treatment of Periodontitis (Gum Disease). The high intensity light is focused in the infected pocket, thus killing the bacteria and removing the infected gum tissue in the area.

There are many other ways the laser makes your dental appointment more comfortable and efficient. The following are services offered at Saratoga Dental using the Dental Laser:

  • Correct speech problems caused by a tongue-tie, which prevents normal tongue movement.
  • Uncover partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • Remove muscle pulls, as seen in orthodontic patients.
  • Manage gum tissue during impressions for crowns.
  • Remove swollen tissues caused by medications.
  • Perform biopsy procedures.
  • Remove inflamed gum tissues and reduce the amount of bacteria within a periodontal pocket.
  • Remove or reshape excess gum tissues during crown lengthening procedures.