Covid 19

We integrate compassion, contemporary technology, and the highest standard of care, even in the Era of COVID-19.

The health of our patients has always been our number one priority. And now, as we return to work after the COVID-19 lockdown, our commitment to our patients' health has never been more relevant. During our down time, we have been working diligently to update our clinic and protocols to provide a safe environment for our patients and for our team. We are proud to be taking the following important steps to protect the health of our patients, our team, our families and our community.

  • Increased infection control protocols. As a health care facility, we are uniquely qualified to perform effective infection control. Though we already practice effective infection control measures everyday, we are increasing our infection control protocols to those advised by the CDC, ADA, OSHA and Washington Department of Health for treating patients suspected of COVID-19 infection. This includes meticulous disinfection protocols in all areas of the building, as well as the use of gowns, N95 masks, protective glasses, face shields, and gloves for patient care. We understand this equipment is just as important for protecting ourselves from infection as it is for protecting our patients. And it won't only be clinical staff wearing PPE. Front office staff will have face coverings at all times as well.

  • Increased air quality controls have been implemented. We understand that dental treatment poses a unique risk for aerosolization of virus droplets. That's why we have outfitted the treatment rooms with isolation barriers, negative air exhaust systems, and HEPA/UV-C air purification units. Also, we've installed central HEPA and UV-C air filtration for the whole office. These extra precautions will allow us to more safely provide dental care to our community during this era of COVID-19 without compromises to treatment quality.
  • We'll all be wearing face masks all the time and we ask that our patients wear face coverings when in the building, too. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at the front desk to even further minimize risk of droplet spread.
  • All patients and team members will be screened before entering the building. Anyone with a fever, cough, or signs of respiratory infection will be asked to return when they are well.
  • Social distancing for all patients and team members will be practiced. The waiting room will be closed to maintain social distancing. Please let us know when you arrive via text or phone and wait in your car. We will call you when we are ready to seat you.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be positioned throughout the building and just outside the front door. We ask that you sanitize your hands before you enter.

Though these measures are inconvenient, they are essential to maintaining the health of our community on South Whidbey. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.