Care Instructions For Removable Appliances

Dentures, Nightguards, Bite Plates, Orthodontic Appliances, Retainers, Brightening Trays

For a PDF of this document: Click Here.

Aside from using your new oral appliance as we recommend, there are a few helpful hints we’d like to share with you:

  • Brush with tooth paste and tooth brush, then rinse with cool water.
  • The best cleaner/sanitizer is white vinegar. You may store your appliance immersed in white vinegar when not in use.
  • Please remember to bring your appliance with you to appointments (i.e. cleanings, fillings, crowns, ortho adjustments, etc). If your appliance rests or bites on teeth being treated, it may need to be adjusted to fit properly. This will save you a return trip. You appliance will also be inspected for evidence of wear or change in fit. Plus, we’ll give it a good cleaning, too!
  • Appliances that might be in and out of the mouth during the day, like retainers, should always be stored in their protective containers. They are fragile and will break if stored in a pocket instead. The best place for retainers, of course, is in the mouth.

If you note problems or changes in the comfort or fit of your appliance, please call the office so we can make corrections.