Aesthetic Dentistry

Nothing builds confidence like a radiant smile. At Saratoga Dental, we combine the art and science of dentistry to give you the smile of your dreams.

Aesthetic (or cosmetic) dentistry is a special interest of Dr. Giswold. In fact, he enjoys expanding his knowledge and staying up-to-date in techniques and materials by frequently attending courses at institutes renowned as leaders in the field of aesthetic dentistry such as the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Education.

If you’re self-consciousness about stained, chipped, or irregular teeth, let the staff at Saratoga Dental improve your smile with simple and relatively inexpensive treatments such as bleaching, reshaping, bonding, or applying veneers.

Whiter, more even teeth are just one part of a great smile, though. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Giswold also identifies and treats underlying problems of the muscles and bones of the head that might be affecting your smile as well.

Ask to see our scrapbook of amazing before-and-after photos. What you see there will convince you to set up a no-fee consultation with Dr. Giswold about making your smile all it can be!